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Tachometer UNI-T UT372 USB

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  • Description

    UNI-T UT372

    Measurement: 10 to 99.999 RPM
    Range selection: 10 to 99 RPM, 100 to 999 RPM, 1000 tož 9999 RPM, 10000 to 99999 RPM
    Accuracy: 0.04% ±2dgt
    Display: 99999
    Target distance: 50 mm to 200 mm
    Start/Hold: Start and Stop measurement, Data Hold
    Max./min./ave/zero: maximum value, minimum value, average value, zeroing
    Sleep Mode: around 15 minutes
    Low battery display: 4.8 V

    Power: 1.5V baterie (AA) x 4
    LCD size: 53 x 41 mm
    Product size: 184 x 56 x 34 mm
    Product weight: 100 g

    Manufacturer: UNI-TREND

  • Parameters 2
    PC connection Yes
    RPM Yes
  • Discussion 3

    Are your products has NIST certificate

    The UT372, requires a Driver software to enable, to download the readings,
    Kindly advise where I could get a copy

    Huzaifa Rao Huzaifa Rao 16. 09. 2016 | 09:29

    I've recently bought this product to measure the RPM of stitching machines. It is providing 7000-8000 RPM for the machines which are set to be run at 4000 RPM.
    Kindly inform me if there is some calibration needed or what else I could do to resolve this.

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