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Clamp Multimeter UNI-T UT210E

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  • Description

    UNI-T UT210E - small clamp multimeter

    Alternate Current
    2A/20A/100A ±(2.5%+5)
    Direct Current
    2A/20A/100A ±(2.5%+3)
    Alternate Volatge
    2V/20V/200V/600V ±(1%+3)
    Direct Voltage ±(0.7%+3)
    200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ/20MΩ ±(1%+2)
    2nF/20nF/200nF/2μF/20μF/200μF/2mF/20mF ±(4%+5)

    Display Count 2000
    Auto Range
    Jaw Opening 17mm
    Diode Test
    Data Hold
    MAX/MIN mode
    Zero mode
    Display Backlight
    Auto Power Off
    Continuity Buzzer
    Low Battery Indication
    Input Protection
    Input Impedance DCV 10MΩ+

    Power: 2x1,5V battery AAA
    Weight: 170g
    Size: 175x60x33mm
    LCD Size: 39x26mm

    ACCESSORY: Battery, Test Leads, Carrying Bag

  • Discussion 7

    It worked fine but suddenly one day, I tried to measure AC volt and it showed 330 instead of 220. I later tried to measure DC volt and the measurement was off again. Is there a way to fix this?

    Murtaza Ilyas Murtaza Ilyas 21. 12. 2019 | 09:07

    can this clamp meter measure 4mA to 20mA AC and DC currents

    Justin Fuller Justin Fuller 27. 08. 2018 | 03:40

    I received one of these as a gift, and it is dead. How do I get it repaired or replaced? Thanks for your time.

    Mohit Bhowmik Mohit Bhowmik 15. 07. 2018 | 18:04

    I need exactly same with frequency and low 2A capability. Suggest if you have in this range or add this feature in this meter

    José López José López 28. 06. 2018 | 19:46

    Cual seria el precio en quetzales y como se realiza la compra

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